Welcome to Outkast Oyster Co.

Welcome to the Outkast oyster bar, a private, cratered oyster bar serving Martha’s Vineyard. We bring oysters to whatever event you can dream up! Business events, dinner parties, pool parties, sunsets on the beach, no matter the occasion we can fit your needs to make a your event a memorable one.

About the Outkast Raw bar.

A young team of island locals working together to bring the most authentic and unique summer experience in Martha’s Vineyard to you. We know the beauty and true colors of the Vineyard are often hard to capture within a single day on the island, but we at Outkast are prided in offering a truly special experience within the comfort of you own space.

We think one of the most beautiful parts of the Vineyard is often found within the ocean surrounding the island. We work as hard as possible to guarantee the freshest of products from local oyster farms around the island and bring them to you in a manner that suits your greatest oyster desires.

• We come to you wherever the event on the Vineyard
• We bring everything needed for a full raw bar
• Oyster shucking staff
• Sauces for the oysters
Hot sauces
Vinegar mignonette sauce
Cocktail sauce
Fresh lemon
• Fresh oysters
• Fresh clams
• Fresh Shrimp

We work as hard as possible to guarantee the freshest of products from local oyster farms around the island.

Pricing for the Outkast Oyster bar is relative to each specific event. We take into account the amount of fresh product that will be needed to satisfy the entire party. We also take into consideration the location of the event and the duration of the event. Depending on how large the party is we will bring more or less staff to fit the perfect feel of the event and make our time together as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

To receive a quote on pricing please email info@outkast-co.com with information on a desired date, party size and location and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote.

Quinn Keefe